About Us

Morning Owl is a natural latex mattress company which creates organic luxury mattress. The core objective of the company is to provide an impeccable experience to the consumer-both the experience of purchasing a mattress and that of sleeping.

The Origin

Everybody talks about following your passion and making a business out of it. Interestingly, we thought that since we loved sleeping, why not follow our passion for sleep and create a great product in the process.

Once our friend, who was getting married, wanted to buy a new mattress to relish his married life. But before the joys of matrimony came the horrors of finding the right mattress. With absolutely no defined standards of what is considered to be a good mattress, the showroom salesmen tried selling us what they thought was the best, or for them, which would’ve given them the most margins. These biased suggestions were reiterated showroom after showroom where a mattress considered sub-standard by one, was claimed to be the best by other. As we later realized, the suggestions were solely based upon which seller received more margins from which company.

To add to this, our friend was not able to comfortably gauge the quality of the mattress in 5 minutes he spent with each mattress and that too in front of invasive presence of a salesman.

These factors made us realize that a terrible buying experience existed for the consumer amidst the presence of fluctuating standards of what could be termed as a good mattress.

Thus, to change this experience of purchasing the mattress into a consumer-friendly process and to provide people with a great sleeping experience, Morning Owl was born.



A few core values we believe in are as follows:

Create & Deliver ‘Wow’ Experience
Embrace & Drive Change
Build Open & Honest Relations
Be little weird and lots of fun

Pursue Growth
Do More with Less
Be Passionate & Persevere
Be Humble

We’ve always believed that great companies and products are made with great people. Hence, we strive to create an amazing work culture for our team which drives them to grow & be at their best and to also love what they are doing.


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