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Serenity and peace of mind are prerequisites of a good sleep. Morning Owl is dedicated to contributing to this.

Materials like metal springs and polyurethane in common mattresses bring more harm than good. Metal springs act as electromagnetic radiation amplifiers and polyurethane can off-gas toxic fumes.

Morning Owl strictly prohibits these materials. We understand that the mattresses on which you spend eight hours every day need to be one of the best.

Morning Owl organic latex mattress gives a peace of mind, not just because of the natural materials, but also because it contributes to the preservation of forests.

To experience the best of Morning Owl, create your bedroom a place for total relaxation: quiet, cool, no TV or smartphone and uncluttered.

May you experience peaceful nights in your Morning Owl room.

Benefits of Morning Owl organic latex mattress


Comfort and Progressive Support

At first, Morning Owl latex feels soft and gives more support as you settle deeper. Thus, a Morning Owl mattress is comfortable and gives orthopaedic benefits. Providing progressive elastic properties, it conforms to your body contour and aligns the spine properly regardless of your sleeping posture.

Furthermore, Morning Owl mattress comprises of not one but two layers of luxurious organic latex; a soft comfort layer on top and a firm support layer at the bottom. This maintains a balance between optimal support and back support.


Pressure Relief

Its natural characteristic of all-point elasticity ensures that pressure is distributed evenly throughout the body with no painful pressure points.

On mattresses which are too firm, the pressure in the shoulders and the hips is experienced causing restless sleep at night. Morning Owl natural latex mattress doesn’t let this happen. Regardless of your sleeping posture, it ensures an equal pressure distribution which enhances blood circulation and improves the sleeping quality.


House Dust-mite, Bacteria, and Mould Free

Morning Owl organic latex is naturally anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial. Thus, for allergy sufferers, it is a perfect pick.

Moreover, the mattress cover is removable. This way, you can be assured that you are sleeping in a better and healthier environment.


Long Lasting

By nature, an organic latex mattress is durable. Morning Owl latex has been tested and will keep its beneficial properties for 10 years.


100% Natural

Morning Owl is purely a natural product with no harmful materials. Its luxurious soft bamboo cover wicks away moisture from your body. The 3D spacer in cover ensures breathability. Additionally, fluffy cotton-silk blend filling ensures extra comfort.

A natural environment provides relaxation and better sleep. Morning Owl mattress is designed and created for your well-being and healthy sleep.

Morning Owl Junior

Importance of Quality Sleep for Children

Have you ever thought about what mattress is the best for kids? Morning Owl Junior organic mattress is one of the most beneficial things you can provide to your child to help them develop good sleeping habits. It will become your child’s best friend from infancy to their teenage years.

Morning Owl Junior organic latex mattress is made from the sap of rubber trees of organic rubber plantation. It is made sure that only the purest ingredients are extracted. Moreover, the cover is fabricated using bamboo fabric which is both cool and soft. It is zippered for easy cleaning.

Mattress Features for the Benefits of Children



By conforming to the body, organic latex mattress ensures proper spine alignment. Its elasticity makes sure that it moves with the body, moulding to the contours and relieving pressure points. Making your child sleep on an organic latex mattress early helps them to develop proper posture and spine alignment.



The open-cell structure of natural latex mattresses provides the right amount of air circulation while maintaining a balanced temperature. The pinholes in the mattress increase the breathability, reducing the risk of suffocation allowing the baby to sleep in any position.



By providing an all-natural organic latex mattress, we avoid chemical and toxins which will not only be providing your little ones with the best mattress for kids but will keep a clean and allergy-free environment. With all the allergens eliminated, your baby can eat, play, and sleep better — naturally.



Keeping a child’s mattress clean is a task. They wet the bed, run around all day and sweat while taking a nap, and spill stuff on the bed. The cover of a Morning Owl Junior mattress is removable for easy cleaning.



A Morning Owl Junior latex mattress holds up for many more years compared to ordinary mattresses. Our mattresses are put through rigorous testing and quality tested by LGA.


Off-gassing and Radiation

The mattress eliminates all types of off-gassing and electromagnetic radiation because of no chemicals or metal springs. Other mattresses are treated with chemical flame-retardants providing risks of health problems. Thus, the Morning Owl Junior organic latex mattress provides a healthier option.

It is very important for infants and toddlers to get a high-quality, restful sleep. Give your little one a bundle of joy by ensuring the healthiest and safest sleeping environment.


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