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With the massive explosion of options on the internet, the customers have a plethora of choices while buying any product online. A similar case can be experienced while buying a mattress online. It is a very crucial decision as you are going to spend a third of your life on it. With so many options available, the process of finding a perfect mattress may seem very easy. However, it is not that easy because it may take a lot of time and effort to find a product which suits perfectly to your needs.

While buying a new mattress, it is obvious that you will find the best mattress in India. But how to find it? Online brands provide a wide variety of mattress types without you going through the hassle of dealing with annoying showroom salespeople. Few of these online mattress companies are renowned in the industry along with customer service, a transparent buying process, and a long trial period (100 days or more). Additionally, a better choice can be made by viewing the ratings provided by consumers.

Here is everything you need to know while buying a mattress online. These tips will help you in getting a good deal and thus, a good mattress.

Cost factor

Pricing varies as per different types of mattresses. Latex mattresses tend to be more expensive than foam and innerspring mattresses due to their supreme quality of material and numerous added advantages. But buying a mattress online is cheaper than an offline store as the manufacturer-retailer mark-ups are removed in online scenario, which is direct to consumer.

Additional discounts

Due to no middlemen mark-ups, online mattress retails offer can offer special discounts. Additionally, you can get an extra discount by using a promo code or affiliate link. You can easily find promo codes by following the company on social media or signing up for the company’s newsletter. Affiliate marketing programmes are used by companies to shoot up brand awareness and sales. They contact a high-traffic site or a blogger and offer them a special code. Every purchase made through the given link provides the affiliate with a commission. These links can often be found on reviewing sites or popular blogs.

Trial periods

Buying a comfortable and natural mattress is your priority. By making a purchase online, you are in a position to test the mattress in the comfort of your home, in the real-life environment in which you are going to use it. We offer a service of trial periods which lets you try a product for 100 nights. Within the timeframe, you can return the mattress with a full refund or you can keep it forever if you like it.

Return policy

Usually, many online companies do not charge a delivery or return fee. For example, we don’t. Additionally, you should also be informed about the delivery terms.

Warranty coverage

It is very crucial to understand what all the warranty covers and for how long. We have a very consumer-friendly 25 –year warranty.

Thus, it is a safe and consumer-friendly experience which we want to create so that one feels comfortable buying our product online while knowing that they are inly getting a premium quality product.


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