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Why choose latex mattress for your bed?

A latex mattress is known for its immense health and sleep benefits. However, before using one yourself, it is very important to be informed about the product. The latex mattress can be divided into 3 further sub-types based on the material used while it is in making.

1. Synthetic latex mattress: Synthetic mattress is extracted from petroleum products. A number of chemicals are used during the process of its making. The product came into existence when the supply for natural latex became sparse during the Second World War.

2. Natural latex mattress: The material for a natural latex mattress is extracted directly from the Mother Nature. The latex used in this mattress is a milky liquid occurring in rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis). Using this type of mattress can help in minimising the chances of suffering from allergies and other skin issues.

3. Organic latex mattress: This type is many a time mistaken to be similar to natural latex mattress. However, there is a slight difference between the two. The trees from which the latex for organic latex mattress is extracted is grown without any use of pesticides. In other words, these trees are grown organically. Thus, every organic latex mattress is a natural latex mattress but every natural latex is not organic latex.

A latex mattress is in a huge demand in India because of its number of benefits. Latex Mattress India is one of the most searched terms in Google search. Along with its many benefits, it also offers a high-quality sleeping experience. Thus, making it so popular among its consumers.

The most primary benefit of a latex mattress is its unique balance between comfort and support. The soft comfort lets the tiredness out and at the same time, it provides proper support for the spine. This mattress is also resistant to mould, dust mites, and bacteria without any use of added chemicals. This feature makes a strong appeal to many people.

Next benefit on the list is its excellent air circulation. This benefit is provided by the open-cell natural structure of latex and pinhole patterns purposefully created during manufacturing. This results in great breathability which further results in comfortable sleeping temperature. This feature is very crucial for the hot and humid climate such as in India.

Another benefit that a latex mattress gives is its property of superb body pressure distribution. These mattresses are very frequently recommended by doctors and medical professionals including chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists as it is one of the most useful ways of counteracting backaches and muscle-aches. Additionally, it doesn’t allow easy movement. To explain it better, imagine yourself sleeping with a partner who makes a lot of movements while sleeping which hinders your sleep. A latex mattress makes sure that you don’t feel those movements while sleeping on your side of the bed.

Last but certainly not the least; a latex mattress is one of the most durable mattresses available. A choice of a mattress which will last a long time is never a bad choice. Thus, financially speaking, it makes a total sense to buy one for yourself. Our Morning Owl mattress is an organic natural latex mattress with immense benefits.


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