Our design and material ensure that contact points of your body endure no pressure and make you feel as if you’re sleeping on clouds.

Pressure points will never be the same. Here’s why.


Our design and material ensure that contact points of your body endure no pressure and make you feel as if you’re sleeping on clouds.

Pressure points will never be the same. Here’s why.


What is pressure point pain?

Everyone has felt their butt go numb when they’ve been sitting for too long and they need to waddle around to get the feeling back in their behind.

That’s the same thing that happens to your pressure points while sleeping, except you stay in that painful position for hours!

Why is Morning Owl so good at pressure relief?

MO is soft where you want it and firm where you need it.

You can say that MO has secret pressure absorbing powers. When pressure is applied to one of the columns, it pulls on the walls of surrounding columns to distribute the weight.

Basically, the columns in the grid pick up the slack and the walls relax under pressure to provide gentle comfort.


“My husband had a lot of shoulder pain and he longer has any pain. My husband and I can’t wait to sleep on this amazing mattress every night.”

MM Ghai


“My back pain, however, was gone instantly and I have told all my friends about the MO and how much I recommend it. Thank you, MO!!”


How do you know if pressure points are affecting your sleep?

You need to ask yourself these questions:


Do you lose the feeling of your leg or arm while sleeping?


Do you toss and turn often?


Do you wake up with a sore hip or shoulder and remain sore the whole day?

You need a different mattress if you experience any of these. Your mattress should be pro at handling your pressure points.

The results are out! Morning Owl is the undisputed winner!

Just describing won’t help. We want to give a visual representation of where someone may feel pressure points forming while lying on it. We placed a pressure map on top of the mattress and lay on our back, side, and stomach. Here are the results where the pressure is represented from blue (low pressure) to red (high pressure).



Lying on your back, you will feel a great pressure relief from the MO mattress. The zone support fills the space at the lower back and provides a pleasant lift to the lumbar region.


As seen in the graphic, the zoned support alleviates the formation of pressure at shoulders and hips by cradling them in the specialized foam.


If you decide to roll over stomach, MO does a great job of keeping the spine in a healthy alignment, with the shoulders on the same plane as hips.

However, it is very easy to switch between all three positions.

Back sleeping will never be the same. Here’s why

Most mattresses out there flatten your spine and crush your dreams.

Laying on a hard, flat mattress would have been fine if you had a flat spine. But you don’t. You need a mattress that adapts and stays supportive so that you sleep however weird you want. The back-sleeper test will tell you which mattress is the best for your spine.


“I’ve been tossing and turning in bed due to a back pain for year. But now, Sleeping on MO mattress, I have no pain and sleep soundly. Thank you for giving back my zzzzz.”

Rishab Dhal

The results are out, MO is the best mattress for back sleepers.

MO and your spine are best friends

Mo conforms the best to the natural curvature of the spine. This means incredible comfort and no back pain.


“My back hurts less even when I wake up. Used to wake up to a stiff back, not anymore. My hips don’t hurt from sleeping either.”



“We bought the mattress from the Morning Owl, and in one week, the hip and back pain was gone.”

Chavvi Jain

3 tips for back sleepers

Your mattress matters


Your spine should be in the same position as it is while standing when you are sleeping. Your mattress should support your spine and neck as well.

Chill on the pillows


Opt for thinner pillows rather than a Jenga tower of pillows. Your neck is definitely one of those things you’ll miss if gone.

Don’t forget to stretch


Use stretchy sheets. Without them, you won’t be able to sink into your mattress as you should and your bed will feel like a slab of cement.

Convinced that the MO bed is the best for you?


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